Round 6 1933

Round 6, 1933
Carlton vs Melbourne
Monday 5 June
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 32,000

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 4 points

Goalkickers: Robert C Johnson 6, Eric Glass 3, George Margitich 2, Bill Deague 1


Melbourne had lost four of their first five games, but they had some kind of excuse considering that the four teams who had beaten them occupied the top four places on the ladder.

Despite the game being played in perfect weather it never hit any great heights, and despite being five goals behind at three quarter time the Reds almost snatched victory based on their last quarter alone.

The visitors had started brightly, but numerous opportunities were wasted by poor forward play, bad kicking for goal and stoic defence by the Carlton backline. Melbourne got the last goal of the first term to keep in touch. They kicked the first of the second term, but after that Carlton took over.

Wasted opportunities and inaccurate kicking on goal hurt them throughout the day, and when Carlton kicked the first goal of the last quarter they were 27 points in front. The game looked over, but Glass kicked two goals in a row and after the Blues responded Margitich broke free of his close checking opponents and booted two more.

The margin was now back to eight points, and when Johnson was collected in a marking contest - for which his opponent was reported - he managed to shake off grogginess to kick the goal and bring the margin under a point. Both sides had opportunities to kick goals but could only register behinds, and time ran out before Melbourne could take the lead.

Ogden, Long and Johnson were best. Sambell was replaced by Pemberton shortly before the end of the match when he suffered a knock to the head.

The loss left Melbourne equal last with one win, but at the top of the bottom group of four on percentage.

Melbourne 17.13 d. Carlton 14.15
Goals - Kelly 6, Clack 4, Davidson 2, Koochew 2, Ryan 1, King 1
Best - King, Davidson, Adams

The Seconds match was played on Saturday 3 June.

Argus - 05/06/1933
Argus - 06/06/1933
Football Record R7 1933

Blueseum match report

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