Round 6 1919

Round 6, 1919
Collingwood vs Melbourne
Saturday 7 June
Venue: Victoria Park
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 61 points

Goalkickers: Eric Tonkin 2, Bill Allen 1, Jack Connole 1, George Haines 1, Jack House 1, Percy Love 1, Alex Salvado 1

First Goal
Jack House (5th game)

The second big loss in a row, and the fifth of the season, showed that it was set to be a long season for the returning Reds.

Even though their situation was in a dire position the Melbourne committee sprung a gag in the rooms before the game by posting a notice that said "The secretary respectfully requests the players to kick as many goals as possible, but those kicking more than six goals will be ordered off the field for selfishness".

Unfortunately for the committee goals were in short supply as the forward line they fielded was easily outmatched by the opposition. It was their main weakness as it would be so many times during the season. They managed eight for the day, but spurned many chances. Their ruck division were also handsomely beaten.

Despite the ten goal margin Melbourne showed improvement on the performance which had seen them thrashed against Carlton a week earlier, but even though they played with dash they also lacked teamwork and were beaten by a much stronger outfit.

The Reds didn't have any luck in front of goal, and even when the midfield did the job of getting the ball forward it wasn't hard for Collingwood to clear it. The Magpies took control in the second and built a match winning lead. Melbourne's third quarter rally gave their supporters some hope for future weeks but they were already well beaten.

By the last quarter of the match bad light meant that spectators could barely see what was going on, and lost track of where the ball was on several occasions. In the gloom Melbourne again fell apart, allowing Collingwood to rack up a big victory.

George Walker was Melbourne's best, but Gray also won praise for his kick-ins which often cleared his side out of danger. McKenzie and House were also in the best.

Argus - 09/06/1919
Football Record 1919

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