Round 5 1973

Round 5, 1973
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 5 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 37,685

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 19 points

Goalkickers: Greg Parke 3, Stan Alves 2, Ross Brewer 2, Peter Keenan 2, Paul Callery 1, Wayne Delmenico 1, Carl Ditterich 1, Stephen Kerley 1

150 Games
Stan Alves

First Goal
Wayne Delmenico (2nd game)

The Demons were eight points in front with 15 minutes left but collapsed to lose their fifth in a row to the Tigers by 19.

Writing in The Age, Stan Alves said "The trouble with Melbourne is that we played too much 'safety first' football. There we were, kicking the ball into the packs instead of to the man and after getting away with it for three quarters, it blew up in our faces".

Stephen Kerley had beaten Royce Hart for three quarters but he was moved to full-forward and Hart beat Gary Hardeman solidly. John Tilbrook dominated Richmond's McLean for 80 minutes before the Tiger kicked four decisive goals in the last term. His side booted five in five minutes and were home.

Best on ground for the Demons were Wells, Keenan, and Callery. Rollinson (strained hamstring) was replaced in the selected side by Williamson. Hardeman suffered a bruised back, Osborne a bruised knee and Biffin a bruised elbow. Morgan and Williamson were unused replacements.

Richmond 21.17 d. Melbourne 16.15
Goals - Dullard 6, Tesoriero 3, Cumming 2, Molloy 2, Mills 1, Simmons 1, Volkering 1
Best - Molloy, Dilnot, Dullard

Under 19s
Richmond 19.17 d. Melbourne 12.9
Goals - Flower 3, Chamberlain 2, McMullin 2, Payne 2, Lierich 1, McNaught 1, Ough 1
Best - Lierich, Flower, Ahern

Age - 07/05/1973
Football Record R6 1973

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