Round 5 1972

Round 5, 1972
Richmond vs Melbourne
Tuesday 25 April
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 38,154

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 5 points

Goalkickers: Greg Parke 5, John Gallus 2, Stan Alves 1, Paul Callery 1, Ross Dillon 1, Shane McSpeerin 1, Greg Wells 1


Having broken their duck the week before, Ian Ridley declared that he expected the Demons to win and with his side well placed after outplaying the Tigers for three quarters it looked as if he was going to get his wish.

The last quarter, though, was all yellow and black. Kevin Bartlett had been well held in the first three quarters but came out in the last like a man possessed and racked up 15 touches. Royce Hart was another champion who struggled early, held by Gary Hardeman but got into the game when he needed to.

Greg Parke had 5.5 at half time but failed to add to his tally in the second half.

Best were Molloy, Walker and Hardeman. John Clennett was replaced in the selected side by John Gallus after a groin injury. Gallus also broke a finger. McKenzie (hamstring) was replaced by Collins during the last quarter, and Dillon was replaced by Osborne during the last quarter.

Reserves (Played 22 April)
Melbourne 17.12 d. Richmond 12.11
Goals - Carr 5, Dilnot 4, Clennett 2, Ritterman 2, D. Anderson 1, Brewer 1, Queay 1, Tilbrook 1
Best - Queay, Dilnot, Lakes

Under 19s (Played 22 April)
Richmond 13.20 d. Melbourne 12.21
Goals - Curry 4, Rowlands 3, Giampaolo 1, G. Macdonald 1, Payne 1, Slade 1, Tesoriero 1
Best - Potter, Curry, Macdonald

Age - 26/04/1972
Football Record R5 1972
Age - 10/05/1972

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