Round 5 1971

Round 5, 1971
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 1 May
Venue: Junction Oval
Attendance: 12,363

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 22 points

Goalkickers: Russell Colcott 4, Robert McKenzie 4, Paul Callery 2, John Gallus 2, Lloyd Burgmann 1, Denis Clark 1, Greg Parke 1, Peter Sinclair 1, John Townsend 1


With four wins from four banked in his account as a coach, Melbourne fans were hailing Ian Ridley as the second coming of Norm Smith when their side was more than nine goals up at half-time against the Lions.

Then Fitzroy began a blistering comeback which nearly saw them steal the match. The margin was back to just over four goals at the last change after the home side kicked seven goals to two in the third term. After holding a distinct speed advantage over their opponents for the first half, Ridley's side lost their extra yard and allowed the Lions back into the match. Fitzroy also put up a belated challenge to the aerial superiority which had handed the Demons their dominating lead.

Best were McKenzie, Rollinson and Davis. Brown replaced Burgmann (bruised thigh) and Walker replaced Colcott (bruised hip) in the last quarter. Sullivan suffered a bruised thigh.

Melbourne 15.18 d. Fitzroy 13.10
Goals - Carr 5, Lawrie 2, Honey 2, McSpeerin 1, H. Ritterman 1, Dilnot 1, Brewer 1, Osborne 1, McDonald 1
Best - Carr, Osborne, Hodges

Under 19s
Melbourne 17.18 d. Fitzroy 7.5
Goals - Smith 4, Tesoriero 3, Anderson 2, King 2, Thornycroft 2, Conley 1, Kerley 1, Queay 1, Williamson 1
Best - Kerley, Harrold, Tassell

Age - 03/05/1971
Football Record R6 1971

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