Round 5 1955

Round 5, 1955
Essendon vs Melbourne
Saturday 14 May
Venue: Windy Hill
Attendance: 25,299

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 14 points

Goalkickers: Stuart Spencer 3, Laurie Mithen 2, Frank Adams 1, Ron Barassi 1, Noel Clarke 1, Robert B Johnson 1, Clyde Laidlaw 1

50 Games
Ralph Lane

After a scare from the winless North Melbourne a week earlier, and two games in a row where they had displayed shocking kicking for goal, the Demons battled to another victory - this time coming from behind at three quarter time.

Essendon took an advantage into the last change thanks to a slight advantage in the ruck and dominant centre play from Jack Clarke, but pace and disposal skills helped Melbourne over the line. With 10 minutes to go it looked as if Essendon were going to hold on to win, but they were blown away in the last few minutes as the visitors displayed superior endurance.

For much of the day Melbourne had been forced to attack via Brian Dixon on the wing so they could avoid Clarke, and eventually after Ken Melville was moved forward due to injury Dixon was put directly onto Clarke and though beaten helped quieten him down.

The Bombers kicked a controversial goal when Peter Marquis encroached over the mark as his opponent was having a shot. The umpire signalled that Mitchell of Essendon would receive another kick, and the players waiting on the goalline let the ball land untouched - where it bounced on an obscure angle and went through. The umpire signalled a goal instead of giving Mitchell another kick.

Best were Spencer, Dixon and Beckwith. Lane eventually replaced the concussed Melville. Baker replaced Adams (thigh injury).

Melbourne 12.11 d. Essendon 12.9
Goals - Ridley 4, Hamilton 4, Mountain 1, Gleeson 1, Webster 1, Clarke 1
Best - Ridley, Waldron, Gleeson

Melbourne 12.6 d. Essendon 5.10

Some reports say Adams injured his groin

Argus - 13/05/1955
Age - 16/05/1955
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Argus - 16/05/1955
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