Round 5 1926

Round 5, 1926
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 29 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 28,628

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 33 points

Goalkickers: Harry Davie 9, Harry Moyes 3, Jimmy Abernethy 2, Robert C Johnson 2, Richard Taylor 1, Ivor Warne-Smith 1, Herbert White 1


Entering the game 2-2 with a loss threatening to drop them behind the other contenders for the top four, Melbourne removed any doubt with a six goal first quarter. They had seven straight going into the second quarter, and Richmond were beaten for pace and in the air.

They were also blown away by a nine goal haul for Harry Davie. Richmond won the free kicks 42 to 36, and came home strongly in the final quarter when Melbourne slackened but were still beaten comfortably.

The wind was blowing in Melbourne's favour in the first quarter, but it was not strong enough to justify Richmond giving up a four goal lead. The Tigers hadn't been outplayed too badly in the early minutes, but when Melbourne took over they overwhelmed them. Other than a brief period in the second where the Reds were trying to run with the ball too much they were never topped again. Richmond got a late consolation goal in the second half but were almost five goals down at the break.

White, Warne-Smith and Davie were best. Johnson and Tymms were injured.

Richmond 13.24.102 d. Melbourne 5.11.41

Argus - 31/05/1926
Age - 02/06/1926
Football Record R6 1926

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