Round 4 1977

Round 4, 1977
Essendon vs Melbourne
Saturday 23 April
Venue: Windy Hill
Attendance: 14,592

Match Statistics

Essendon win by 4 points

Goalkickers: Tony Dullard 3, Henry Coles 2, Robert Flower 2, Craig McKellar 2, Chris Woodman 2, Laurie Fowler 1, Colin Graham 1, Paul Hurst 1, Greg Hutchison 1, Andrew Moir 1


Going into the match winless after three rounds the Demons travelled to Windy Hill and beat Essendon everywhere but on the scoreboard.

The injury hit Demons couldn't field a goal-to-goal line of any repute other than Gary Hardeman at centre half-back and the Bombers prospered when they went down the middle of the ground.

Melbourne charged back into the game in the last quarter but once again inaccuracy cost them victory. At least for once they had the excuse of having been pressured out of several kicks.

Best were Fowler, Coles and Flower. Wells (ankle) was replaced by Hurst in the first quarter and Woodman was replaced by Aitken in the last quarter.

Melbourne 17.16.118 d. Essendon 15.16.106
Goals - Carroll 3, Cook 3, Walley 3, Davidson 2, Rae 2, Flower 1, Kelly 1, Lyons 1, Mercoulia 1
Best - O'Keefe, Hamilton, Walley

Under 19s
Essendon 16.14.110 d. Melbourne 13.12.90
Goals - Quine 3, Hayes 2, Zubin 2, Bawden 1, Boccabella 1, Caddaye 1, Henke 1, Sadauskas 1, Thompson 1
Best - Hayes, McKaige, Thompson

Age - 25/04/1977
Football Record R5 1977

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