Round 4 1963

Round 4, 1963
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday, 11 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 25,462

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 39 points

Goalkickers: Barry Bourke 5, Bryan Kenneally 2, Frank Adams 1, Ron Barassi 1, John Lord 1, Hassa Mann 1, Herbie Matthews 1, Tony Thiessen 1, Barrie Vagg 1

First game
Tony Anderson
Tony Thiessen (and first goal)

The Demons got their shaky season back on track after starting with two losses from the first three games. They were under pressure early, with the Lions starting strongly and given them trouble, but Melbourne recovered to gradually get on top. Late goals to Kenneally and Barassi extended their lead to 13 points at the first change.

Fitzroy regained their spirit in the second term, but they were being kept at bay by Melbourne's stars. Barassi kept his side going, and though they were playing well in bursts, the Lions went to sleep too often and conceded two more quick goals. Another burst helped keep the margin the same at the half.

The game turned in the third term, even with Tony Thiessen running into an open goal and kicking a behind, they ran away with the game in the third. kicking 4.2 to two behinds.

Best were Ron Barassi, Tony Thiessen and Tassie Johnson. Matthews replaced Townsend (shoulder) in the first quarter. Anderson was an unused reserve.

Scoring (behinds from first three quarters)
Bourke 5.1, Kenneally 2.0, Adams 1.1, Barassi 1.0, Lord 1.0, H. Mann 1.0, Matthews 1.1, Thiessen 1.1, Vagg 1.1

Fitzroy 13.9 d. Melbourne 11.18
Goals - Gallus 3, Nilssen 2, Jenkinson 1, McNab 1, Rattray 1, Bourke 1, Carroll 1, Ireland 1
Best - Carroll, Nilssen, Rattray

Under 19s
Fitzroy 13.16 d. Melbourne 13.15
Goals - Stone 5, Schultz 2, Deal 2, Harrison 1, Leitch 1, Mitchell 1, Lockwood 1
Best - Stewart, Harrison, Stone

Townsend is also shown as taking a "knock to the kidney"

Sporting Globe - 11/05/1963
Football Record - R5 1963

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