Round 4 1960

Round 4, 1960
Collingwood vs Melbourne
Saturday 14 May
Venue: Victoria Park
Attendance: 28,263

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 36 points

Goalkickers: Frank Adams 1, Hassa Mann 1

100 Games
Ian Ridley

Fresh from a thumping victory over South Melbourne a week before the Demons renewed hostilities with their greatest enemies on a Victoria Park quagmire, and suffered their first defeat of the new season. With pools of water and mud all over the ground, the sides agreed to use a new ball at the start of every quarter. The toss had to be repeated in the players' race when the first attempt ended in the coin standing up in the mud. The ball was unable to be bounced all day due to the conditions.

The matches between the two at Victoria Park in the second half of the 1950s had almost always been thrillers, but the conditions did Melbourne no favour and despite a strong performance in the wet a week before they were completely outclassed by the Magpies and held to two goals.

After the Pies had brutalised Essendon a week earlier, Melbourne tried to get physical with them from the first bounce, but they fell a trap. Their opponents played the ball, and took advantage of the free kicks needlessly given away by their opponents.

The Pies were restricted to one goal at quarter time, the same as Melbourne but with three less behinds. Despite their slim lead at the end of the first quarter Melbourne all but lost the game for themselves by not taking advantage of a howling breeze. They tried soccer tactics along the ground instead of kicking long to their forwards.

During the second quarter Collingwood captain Murray Weideman was heavily collected by Geoff Case, but the hit didn't fire up the Demons - in fact when the Magpies shaped up to them after the bump they failed to respond. Weideman kicked three goals for the day and Melbourne failed to kick any goal into the breeze all day. In the second half they and only managed one more with it before failing to score at all in the last, with all their attacks being cleaned up by the Pies on the half-forward line.

Best were Tassie Johnson, John Beckwith and Hassa Mann. Resereves were Trevor Johnson and Neil Crompton.

It was Melbourne's lowest score since 1919, and their lowest against Collingwood since 1899. The conditions all around the league were so bad that the scores of the day represented the lowest aggregate since the league expanded to 12 teams in 1925.

Adams 1.0, H. Mann 1.1, Barassi 0.1, R. Johnson 0.1, McLean 0.1, Ridley 0.2, Rowarth 0.1

Collingwood 7.9 d. Melbourne 5.6
Goals - Sheppard 2, Baker 1, Leslie 1, Nilsson 1
Best - Milner, Kenneally, Sheppard

Under 19s
Melbourne 12.14 d. Collingwood 11.10
Goals - Carroll 4, Breen 4, Ingwersen 2, Rolfe 2
Best - Breen, Carroll, Weidlich

Scoreless fourth quarters

Age - 16/05/1960
Football Record R5, 1950

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