Round 4 1925

Round 4, 1925
Footscray vs Melbourne
Saturday 23 May
Venue: Western Oval
Attendance: 12,000

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 28 points

Goalkickers: Col Deane 3, Harry Davie 2, Stan Wittman 2, Jimmy Davidson 1, Ivor Warne-Smith 1

First VFL game against Footscray

First Game
Col Deane (and first goal)

Only game
Ted Parker

Last Game
Max Wright

In the first league meeting between the two sides since August 1896 the Redlegs once again came out on top to continue their good start to the season. Before the game the teams gathered in the middle of the ground and cheered for each other.

Having been announced as playing in Round 3, Melbourne fans thrilled to the exploits of the man in number 33 who they were told was Col Deane until after the match when it was revealed that Jack Cannan had actually played in the number as Deane was unavailable. Supporters didn't have to wait long to see the real thing, he goalled with his first kick in league football.

Heavy rain fell during the game - the first wet day of the season - but before it came Melbourne was the superior team. They marked and kicked with precision, and the only issue they had other than conceding the first goal was the constant string of free kicks being paid by the field umpire. Deane's late goal equalled the scores, and for the rest of the quarter the game became congested.

The second quarter was the best quality part of the game. A contrast between Footscray's tough bullocking play and Melbourne's more cultured kicking and high marking. It was Melbourne's term other than periods at the start and end of the quarter when the Tricolours rallied, the Reds would eventually kick six goals to four. After kicking the first goal of the term the home side conceded a string of goals in quick succession, then rapidly lost three players to injury. They had another man hurt after the break.

Rain came at half time, and though Melbourne had set up their win in the dry the conditions were thought to favour the slower Footscray. However, Melbourne got the first goal of the quarter and extended their lead by three points at the last change. Footscray attacked hard in the first few minutes of the last quarter but failed to capitalise, and when Melbourne got a goal through Wittman the game was over.

Best were Wittman, Warne-Smith and Deane. The defenders dominated their opponents and it was hard to find a player who hadn't performed on the day.

During the day the Footscray officials welcomed Melbourne's players and committee. At half time the opposition committee invited them to afternoon tea, and one Melbourne official said: "like a man's home, it was so comfortable". The hosts provided a barrel of beer for their visitors in the rooms after the game.

Footscray 6.6.42 vs Melbourne 3.4.22 (1/2 time score)

Argus lists the attendance as 15,000.

Goal with their first kick

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