Round 4 1923

Round 4, 1923
Melbourne vs South Melbourne
Saturday 26 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 15,232

South Melbourne2.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 35 points

Goalkickers: George Haines 2, Richard Taylor 2, Percy Tulloh 2, Jimmy Abernethy 1, Bert Chadwick 1, Hugh Dunbar 1, Derek Mollison 1, Percy Wilson 1

First Goal
Jimmy Abernethy (2nd game)

150 Games
George Haines

50 Games
Bert Chadwick

Returning from an early season bye the Redlegs racked up their second straight win against an inaccurate opponent.

1.5 in the second quarter cost South as the game was tight at the end of the first term. Melbourne held onto a narrow lead until the last change before running away with the match from there to give their fans some hope of a successful season. Much of the praise for their finish was heaped on Jim Mitchell, the head trainer for the team.

Much of South's demise could be charted to the failure of their rucks, and the uncharacteristically poor performance of champion Roy Cazaly.

Chadwick, Haines, Abernethy and Tulloh were best.

Ted Thomas was reported for attempted kicking during the second quarter. His counsel argued that an injury had caused his leg to cramp and but even though it was admitted that he hadn't made contact with his opponent he was suspended for eight matches.


Age - 01/06/1923
Football Record R5 1923

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