Round 3 1976

Round 3, 1976
Essendon vs Melbourne
Monday 19 April
Venue: Windy Hill
Attendance: 21,167

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 35 points

Goalkickers: Greg Wells 5, Ross Brewer 4, Robert Flower 2, Shane Grambeau 2, Craig McKellar 2, Stan Alves 1, Henry Coles 1, Allan Davis 1, Gary Hardeman 1, Steven Smith 1


The Bombers started well but wilted against a faster, more determined Demons who notched their first win at Windy Hill since 1971 and their second of 1976.

During the first quarter Essendon were as much as five goals in front but the margin was slashed to one at half time and they went into the last change four goals behind.

Six goals in thirteen minutes during the third were the difference, but Bob Skilton could be credited with several tactical wins. Ross Brewer kicked his four goals after being thrown to full-forward while Gary Hardeman moving to ruck-rover from the backline was a winner.

Best were Ray Smith, Hardeman and Wells. Baker (dislocated finger) was replaced by Campbell in the second quarter. Keays had a groin injury and Hardeman hurt his shoulder. Fitzsimmons was an unused reserve.

Essendon 15.16 d. Melbourne 12.9
Goals - Giampaolo 2, Wilkins 2, Mills 2, Carroll 2, Guy 1
Best - Wingate, M. Alves, Sullivan

Under 19s
Melbourne 14.21 d. Essendon 9.7.61
Goals - Fraser 7, Hutchison 2, Tippett 2, Arundale 1, Zubin 1, Fergus 1
Best - Hutchison, Davidson, Ough

Age - 20/04/1976
Age - 28/04/1976
Football Record R4 1976

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