Round 22 1971

Round 22, 1971
Hawthorn vs Melbourne
Saturday 28 August
Venue: Glenferrie Oval
Attendance: 14,876

Match Statistics

Hawthorn win by 59 points

Goalkickers: John Townsend 3, Denis Clark 2, Paul Callery 1, Graham Molloy 1, John Tilbrook 1

First Game
Stephen Kerley

Last MFC Game
Bruce Brown

Statistical categories led:
Biggest loss at Glenferrie Oval

A season which started on a high note ended with a comfortable defeat by the Hawks. Peter Hudson booted ten goals and the Demons couldn't get to the final siren quickly enough, he had 17 shots on goal and hit the post twice in his quest to rack up 150 goals for the season - his tally took him to 140 with finals yet to play. His performance came against Ross Dillon who had spent much of the season as the Demon full-forward but had been thrown back into defence as his forward play trailed off. Hawthorn might have won by more if they hadn't spent so much time trying to feed Hudson goals.

Melbourne's one man ruck division Peter Keenan fought bravely and was his side's best but he was no match alone for the Hawk quartet of talls in Scott, Martello, Stevenson and Hawken - and even Scott was sent to the rooms midway through the third quarter to ensure that he would be ok for finals football the next week. It didn't help his cause that he'd also spent the afternoon starting trouble with Melbourne players and John Kennedy feared he'd get suspended before the September action. Also in the firing line was first gamer Stephen Kerley, who had two Hawks players try to rough him up but came out on the winning side of the fight.

Best were Keenan, Townsend and Molloy. Sullivan (ankle) was replaced by Leary during the second quarter. George Lakes was an unused reserve.

10 goals

Hawthorn 11.13 d. Melbourne 10.11
Goals - McSpeerin 2, Dilnot 2, Honey 2, Brewer 2, Foster 2
Best - Foster, McSpeerin, Gallus

Under 19s
Hawthorn 18.8 d. Melbourne 6.14
Goals - Tesoriero 2, Conley 1, Harrold 1, McGuinness 1, Thorneycroft 1
Best - Tesoriero, Tassell, Thornycroft

Age - 30/08/1971
Inside Football - 04/09/1971
Football Record 1971 finals.

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