Round 20 1991

Round 20, 1991
North Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 3 August
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 28,323

North Melbourne4.38.411.713.10.88
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 52 points

Goalkickers: Allen Jakovich 11, Steven Clark 2, Simon Eishold 2, Darren Bennett 1, Kevin Dyson 1, Brett Lovett 1, Earl Spalding 1, Jim Stynes 1

Brownlow Votes:
3 - Allen Jakovich
2 - Jim Stynes
1 - Graeme Yeats


The Allen Jakovich juggernaut which had been gaining momentum in weeks previous hit its peak with his amazing performance against the Kangaroos. Matched up against future 300 gamer Mick Martyn, Jakovich booted 11.8 and one out on the full. It was the first double figure performance by a Demon since Fred Fanning had booted 18 in the last game of 1947.

He did it all. Strong marking, goals from everywhere - including a scissor kick as the ball bounced off a pack - and finding time to have a chat to his girlfriend behind the goals during the second quarter. He got the first six Demon goals of the game. It took until the third quarter for Jim Stynes to be the next Demon to goal.

John Longmire had seven at the other end but they were pointless in comparison to the wild scenes at the other end of the ground. It took until the 17 minute mark of the second quarter for Wayne Schimmelbusch to finally move Martyn off him.

Despite his dominant first half the Roos still lead by four points at the long break and when Longmire kicked the first goal of the third quarter it began to look ominous for the Demons and their finals hopes. It was then that Melbourne took over, Jakovich booting another four goals and the supporting cast running riot.

The news wasn't all good for Jakovich, he was reported for abusive language towards umpire Peter Cameron - though the $750 fine didn't stop him from picking up maximum Brownlow votes. He apologised at the tribunal, saying "I deeply regret my actions and sincerely apologise to Peter".

Best were Jakovich, Jim Stynes and Yeats.

Melbourne 25.17.167 d. North Melbourne 10.15.75
Goals - Gorozides 5, Howat 4, Jackson 3, B. Stynes 3, Francis 3, Heaver 2, Owen 1, Lovell 1, M. Febey 1, Schwarz 1, Wearne 1
Best - Gorozides, M. Febey, Ford

Under 19s
Sydney 26.17.173 d. Melbourne 14.10.94
Goals - McCarthy 7, Siderellis 3, Merritt, 2, Hopgood 1, Aubrey 1
Best - Nelson, Fafatoulis, Sullivan


10 goals

Canberra Times - 04/08/1991
Age - 04/08/1991
Canberra Times - 06/08/1991

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