Round 2 1977

Round 2, 1977
Footscray vs Melbourne
Monday 11 April
Venue: Western Oval
Attendance: 18,297

Match Statistics

Footscray win by 21 points

Goalkickers: Craig McKellar 3, Garry Baker 2, Ross Brewer 2, Robert Flower 2, Henry Coles 1, Andrew Moir 1

First goal
Andrew Moir (2nd game)

Bob Skilton reacted savagely to his side's Round 1 thumping at the hands of South Melbourne by putting his side through a two hour training session during the week, but he wasn't satisfied with the effort they put in and verbally lashed them for their performance.

After his side conceded seven goals in the first quarter Skilton would have been in an even fouler mood, but the story of the match was that neither team did anything to convince that they'd be anything more than onlookers when the season got serious.

The Demons took control in the third quarter but only managed 5.11 from 19 shots on goal and lost confidence, allowing Footscray to kick five goals to two in the final term and win comfortably.

Skilton savaged his team after the match, threatening once again that "the training track this week will find them out".

McKellar, Flower and Wells were strong but got no support from their forwards. Barry Denny only played one quarter but ruptured a tendon in his finger during one incident and then broke his collarbone. He was replaced by Hutchison. Sparks (ankle) was replaced by Graham in the last quarter.

Footscray 15.19.109 d. Melbourne 10.15.75
Goals - Davidson 4, Dullard 2, Lyons 2, Flower 1, Thorne 1
Best - Hamilton, Lyons, Flower

Under 19s (Played Saturday 9 April)
Footscray 25.11.161 d. Melbourne 13.11.89
Goals - Quine 4, Durnan 3, Jones 3, Caddaye 1, Hayes 1, Zubin 1
Best - Hayes, Jones, Mehrton

Age - 12/04/1977
Age - 13/04/1977
Football Record R3 1977

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