Round 2 1971

Round 2, 1971
Footscray vs Melbourne
Monday 12 April
Venue: Western Oval
Attendance: 20,707

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 44 points

Goalkickers: Paul Callery 3, Denis Clark 3, Stan Alves 2, Barry Bourke 2, Greg Parke 2, Lloyd Burgmann 1, John Gallus 1, Robert McKenzie 1, John Townsend 1

First Game
Bruce Brown

After unmercifully flogging the Norm Smith led Swans by 105 points in round 1 the Demons travelled West desperate to prove that their one win over Smith, Thurgood, Crompton and the rest of the Ex-Demons club was no fluke.

To help ensure victory champion Bulldog Gary Dempsey was targeted in the first ten minutes and after two big bumps early on he was in the hands of the trainers and played no major part in his side's day.

At the notoriously wind affected Western Oval the Demons allowed Footscray two goals into the breeze during the first term, but restricted them to just three with in in the second and by three-quarter time had opened up a 15 point lead to defend.

In an affront to the widely respected wisdom that you defended grimly into the wind at the Oval, Ian Ridley told his team to play their natural game and was rewarded when they ran away with a six goal to one term despite both sides having trouble controlling the football.

After the match Ridley claimed he had no yet had to make a positional change in either of his two games as coach that wasn't injury enforced.

Best were Keenan, Parke and Davis. Replacements were Davis (lost tooth) in the last quarter and Parke (ankle) by Carr also in the last quarter.

Footscray 15.12 d. Melbourne 13.20
Goals - Richardson 4, Colcott 2, Lawrie 2, McSpeerin 2, Sinclair 2, Honey 1
Best - Sinclair, Hodges, Foster

Under 19s
Melbourne 13.21 d. Footscray 10.4
Goals - Smith 4, Robertson 3, Taylor 2, Brewer 1, Kerley 1, McDonald 1, Moore 1
Best - Taylor, Cumming, Collins

Age - 13/04/1971
Football Record R3 1971

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