Round 2 1964

Round 2, 1964
North Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 25 April
Venue: Arden Street
Attendance: 15,914

North Melbourne0.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 16 points

Goalkickers: Ron Barassi 3, Barry Bourke 2, David Robbie 2, Bryan Kenneally 1, John Lord 1, John Townsend 1, Barrie Vagg 1

50 Games
Robert Miller

The Demons bounced back from an opening day loss against Geelong by struggling to a win at Arden Street.

To commemorate Anzac Day, players stood in a V before the bounce, and the crowd was silent between the time the umpire placed the ball on the ground and picked it up.

With the use of the strong breeze, Melbourne jumped to a four goal lead at quarter time, but conceded six in the second to go in behind.

North gave themselves every chance of winning by holding Melbourne to a four goal lead at three quarter time with the strong breeze in their favour in the final term. They couldn't repeat the success of the second quarter, having plenty of opportunities but booting a wasteful 1.8 to one goal to shave just eight points off the three-quarter time lead. With Ron Barassi, Hassa Mann and Bernie Massey all recovering from a midweek bout of flu, the Demons held on to open their account for 1964.

North faded badly for the second week in a row, with the use of a strong breeze in the last quarter they were woeful in front of goal.

The VFL reported Melbourne for breaching new rules on the use of runners to relay messages to players. No action was taken by the league against runner Sam Allica, but they put all clubs on notice that breaches wouldn't be allowed in the future.

Best were Mann, Roet and Kenneally. Groom had a broken nose and was replaced by Zinko in the last quarter. Adams was a late withdrawal with a thigh injury, replaced by Matthews.

North Melbourne 15.11 d. Melbourne 10.18
Goals - Carroll 4, Mounter 2, Watson 1, Bartlett 1, Mitchell 1, Brewster 1
Best - Jacobs, Watson, McLean

Under 19s
Postponed until 20 June due to Anzac Day restrictions on morning sport.

Age - 25/04/1964
Age - 27/04/1964
Age - 02/05/1964
Football Record R3 1964

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