Round 2 1932

Round 2, 1932
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 7 May
Venue: Motordrome
Attendance: 13,000

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 61 points

Goalkickers: Reg Conole 2, George Margitich 2, Leo Nolan 2, Percy Beames 1

First Game and First goal
Leo Nolan

Last Game
Ted Esposito

Statistical categories led:
Biggest loss and lowest score at Motordrome

Melbourne's first game at their temporary home on the site which later became Olympic Park ended in a heavy defeat as the visiting Tigers ran away with a big win in the second half.

In the first two quarters the Demons matched their opponents by being faster, stronger and better in the air, and until midway through the third quarter they were still sticking with their more fancied opponents - but as the more experienced players tired in the second half the visitors took over and won easily. The exertions of the third quarter cost the Reds, and if Richmond hadn't only kicked six goals from 16 scoring shots in the final term they would have won by even more.

Nolan, Adams and Long were best. Esposito was 19th man.

As there was no "Record" board to show matches from other grounds the progress scores were, for the first time, announced over a loudspeaker during every break. The microphone was also used for a commentator to call the game live, until the league's secretary put a stop to it due to complaints from players and spectators.

Half time entertainment consisted of "Fatty" Lamb attempting to break Hubert Opperman's 10 miles cycling record on the track around the oval.

Melbourne 12.8.80 d. Richmond 10.11.71

Sporting Globe gives the crowd as 15,000.

Referee - 13/04/1932
Sporting Globe - 04/05/1932
Herald - 06/05/1932
Sporting Globe - 07/05/1932
The Argus - 09/05/1932
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