Round 2 1911

Round 2, 1911
Geelong vs Melbourne
Saturday 6 May
Venue: Corio Oval
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Match Drawn

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 4, Jack Robertson 2, Hedley Tomkins 1

First Game
Billy Irwin

It was poor conditions for football, warm and with a wind blowing across a hard ground. Additionally the start of the game was delayed to 3.15pm as the train with the Melbourne players didn't arrive until 2.45pm.

The visitors won the toss, giving them the use of a strong wind in the first and third quarters. To their fortune after the locals had battled hard to restrict Melbourne to 3.7 in the third quarter, the force of the wind dropped off. Defending a 19 point lead, the Reds were caught by a fast finishing Geelong who managed to draw level with the last kick of the game.

After a free kick from a boundary throw-in, Bert Whittington kicked a point after the siren to draw the match. Melbourne protested that the point shouldn't have counted because the bell had gone before it went through. Their objections were dismissed and it was deemed that a Melbourne player had touched the ball before it crossed the line. The umpire claimed he didn't hear the bell in the uproar from players and fans, but it was ruled that as the ball came off a Melbourne player it counted as a behind. An alternative view said the ball wasn't touched until it crossed the line, which would have meant a Geelong win.

Best were Tomkins, Pearce and Smith. Alf George suffered a broken hand.

Geelong Advertiser gives the crowd as 'about 10,000'. Some sources say the controversy was over the bell ringing before the boundary throw-in. Some say the result was not overturned because of a new rule that time didn't expire until the umpire acknowledged the bell.

After the siren
Scoreless fourth quarters

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Football Record R9 1957

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