Round 2 1910

Round 2, 1910
Richmond vs Melbourne
Saturday 14 May
Venue: Punt Road
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 77 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 2, David Bell 1, Les Irwin 1, Reg Werner 1

Last Game
Reg Werner

First Goal
David Bell (3rd game)
Les Irwin (6th game)

Statistical categories led:
Lowest score at Punt Road

The match was originally scheduled to be played a week earlier, but the death of King George V led to all matches being postponed. Before the decision had been taken to postpone Melbourne had written to Richmond to let them know that they wouldn't play in the circumstances anyway.

Once Melbourne's second match of the season was played it turned out to be even worse than the first, and it was becoming quickly clear that they were in significant trouble for the 1910 season. They were first to score, and looked strong when they kicked four goals in the first quarter but only managed one more for the day while Richmond racked up a huge score by the standards of the era.

After their strong start Melbourne managed just 1.5 against 14.14 for the rest of the day. Richmond took over in the second quarter and were unbeatable. Melbourne didn't play terrible football but they were simply outclassed by a far superior opponent.

Best were Pearce, Odgers and Park.

The Mercury - 14/05/1910
The Argus - 16/05/1910
Punch - 19/05/1910
The Australasian - 21/05/1910
Victorian Football Follower - R4

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