Round 19 1947

Round 19, 1947
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Saturday 30 August
Venue: Junction Oval
Attendance: 6000

St. Kilda3.74.107.1510.18.78
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 93 points

Goalkickers: Fred Fanning 18, Frank O'Connor 4, Frank Scanlan 3, Adrian Dullard 1, Jack Mueller 1

Last Game
Fred Fanning

Statistical categories led:
Biggest win and highest score at Junction Oval
Most individual goals in a match: 18 - Fred Fanning

In his last game before taking up a lucrative offer to play in the country Fred Fanning kicked the most goals in any VFL/AFL game. He had five straight in the first term, seven in the second and three in the third before booting three more to beat Gordon Coventry's record of 17 in a match which had stood since 1930.

He booted four goals in the first term, seven in the second, three in the third and four in fourth. The only shot he missed for the day, between goals 13 and 14, was a sitter from 15 yards in front.

The goals took Fanning past the 88 goals in a season record held by Norm Smith and the 13 goals in a match record of Harry Davie against Carlton in 1925. He was presented with the match ball, mounted and inscribed to celebrate the performance.

It remains Melbourne's 10th highest score ever and Melbourne's highest at the Junction Oval as well as their biggest win there. It was Melbourne's highest score against St Kilda until Round 20, 1977.

Arnold (back) was replaced by Mitchell at three quarter time. Kennedy replaced Smith (injured) in the last quarter.

Melbourne 21.14.140 d. St Kilda 7.8.50
Goals - Rowarth 6, Unknown 15

10 goals
Highest Scores

Some sources claim Fanning's opponent on the day was Alan Stretton - who became better known for another disaster when he was head relief operations for Cyclone Tracy in 1974 - but this has since been denied and it's now believed his opponent was Stan Le Lievre.

Herald - 30/04/1947
Age - 01/09/1947
Football Record 1947 Finals
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