Round 18 1922

Round 18, 1922
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 16 September
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 5000

Match Statistics

Fitzroy win by 8 points

Goalkickers: Harry Harker 3, Bill Shelton 2, Mick Anthony 1, Pat Bourke 1

First Game
Richard Taylor

Last Game
Pat Bourke

A disappointing end to a season which showed so much promise for the Redlegs, but ended with four straight losses. It hadn't been all their fault, as well as a bye the fixture had put them up against three of the eventual finalists in the last month of the season but they were clearly not up to the same standard as the league's best.

The game was played at Princes Park due to a scheduling conflict with a rescheduled children's carnival at the MCG,. Melbourne had suggest Punt Road as a venue, while Fitzroy wanted their own home ground and Carlton was chosen as the compromise.

Melbourne took their strongest team into a match against a Fitzroy side missing several of its most important players. They had spent much of the season playing in thrillers and the last match of the year was no different.

On a sodden ground Melbourne had the best of the first half led comfortably after the first quarter but barely fired another shot for the day until belatedly adding two goals in the last quarter to make the game interesting.

Best were Thomas, Flanagan and Lilley.

Fitzroy 13.17.95 d. Melbourne 5.3.33
Goals - H. Dunbar 2, Aitken 1, Forness 1, Elliott 1
Best - Dunbar, Dunbar, McMahon

Some sources says the scheduling conflict was with a VFA finals game.

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