Round 18 1908

Round 18, 1908
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 5 September
Venue: Brunswick Street
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Fitzroy win by 74 points

Goalkicker: Vin Coutie 1

First Game
Jim Bonella
Dick Fowler

Last Game
Harry Rigby
Bill Tottey

The Victorian Football Follower described Melbourne's performance as "most half-hearted", and with very little on the line in the last game of the season they could be forgiven for taking the match easily. Fitzroy jumped Melbourne on the premiership ladder, but both sides had been eliminated from the race for the four weeks earlier.

Fitzroy dashed to a match-winning lead at quarter time, on a muddy and slushy ground they were 23-1 in front at the first break. Melbourne kicked the only goal of the second quarter, but when they lost Hugh Purse with a wrenched hip shortly before half-time, their defence were powerless against the Maroons. The Reds didn't get another goal, conceding eight more before the end of the game.

Best were Pearce, Wright and Coutie.

Lowest scores
Scoreless fourth quarters

Argus - 07/09/1908
Punch - 10/09/1908
Victorian Football Follower - 11/09/1908
Australasian - 12/09/1908
Weekly Times - 12/09/1908

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