Round 17 1976

Round 17, 1976
Melbourne vs South Melbourne
Saturday 24 July
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 17,580

South Melbourne4.27.310.314.9.93
Match Statistics

South Melbourne win by 14 points

Goalkickers: Ray Biffin 4, Greg Wells 3, Ross Brewer 1, Allan Davis 1, Robert Flower 1, Steven Smith 1

150 Games
Tony Sullivan

Melbourne's abysmal Waverley Park record continued as they were beaten largely thanks to a player who, under different circumstances, may have been across town playing for Collingwood.

Colin Hounsell was at the centre of a transfer wrangle between the Magpies and South, but found himself staying at the Lake Oval. Moved from rover to wing in the third quarter with the Swans trailing he turned the game with eight kicks in the third quarter and a pair of goals in the last that gave them victory.

The Demons could have, and should have won, after being the better side for three quarters. Greg Wells and Robbie Flower were brilliant and Ray Biffin was dominant with 13 kicks and 9 marks at full-forward. That he only had 4.3 to show it was a disappointment.

According to the Age "It was another grim reminder that whatever is needed to be a premiership contender, the Demons haven't got it at the moment."

Best were Wells, O'Keefe and Flower. Carroll (hip) was replaced by Woodman in the last quarter. Adrian Dullard was injured by a heavy hit that caused severe concussion, a broken nose and facial lacerations. He was replaced by Tippett in the last quarter and didn't play again for 1976.

Despite the loss the Demons - and now the Swans - were still only a game and four percent outside the top five.

South Melbourne 18.9.117 d. Melbourne 11.19.96
Goals - Thorne 4, Walters 4, Graham 1, Giuilieri 1, Walley 1
Best - Guy, Hamilton, Arundale

Under 19s
Melbourne 16.8.104 defeated South Melbourne 14.16.100
Goals - Zubin 5, Cortese 3, Fraser 3, Barkley 2, Fergus 1, McKay 1, Woods 1
Best - Cortese, Zubin, Salter

Age - 26/07/1976
Age - 26/07/1976
Football Record R18 1976

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