Round 17 1963

Round 17, 1963
Richmond vs Melbourne
Saturday 31 August
Venue: Punt Road
Attendance: 17,780

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 47 points

Goalkickers: Ken Emselle 3, Barry Bourke 2, Tassie Johnson 2, John Townsend 2, Ron Barassi 1, Bob Carroll 1, Bryan Kenneally 1, John Lord 1, Hassa Mann 1

Last game at Punt Road

In Melbourne's last game at Punt Road before the Tigers become co-tenants of the MCG, Ron Barassi was sensationally reported and suspended for four games, causing him to miss the finals series, despite evidence showing he may have been innocent.

Needing a win to ensure they'd play finals, it was a danger game. The Demons hadn't been convincing at Punt Road over the years, but with their top four hopes on the line they ran away with an easy victory, even when unable to play at their best on the narrow Punt Road ground.

They were challenged early, with Richmond kicking the first goal and winning in the ruck but falling to Melbourne's star-studded lineup, who were quicker with their handball, causing Richmond to give away free kicks behind the play. The Demon defence was also holding firm, turning back rare Tiger attacks.

The Demons got the first goal of the second quarter within a minute, before quickly conceding two in reply. They were the only Richmond goals for the quarter, conceding the next five in a row. The margin was out to 53 by the last change before the home side put the brakes on and won the last quarter by a goal.

Despite the victory, and a 12-5 win loss record for the season Melbourne were still not assured of a spot in the finals, but they could also finish second and win the double chance. For Melbourne to be tipped out of the four it would require them to lose in the last round and for both Essendon and St Kilda to win. To finish second they would need to win or draw and for Geelong to lose.

Best were H. Mann, Leahy and Barassi. Groom (injured head after running into a goalpost) was replaced by Carroll in the second quarter and Nilsson replaced Emselle in the last quarter. Ron Barassi was reported by the field and boundary umpire for striking Richmond's Roger Dean in the final term.


Emselle 3.0, Bourke 2.0, Johnson 2.0, Townsend 1.1, Barassi 1.3, Carroll 1.0, Kenneally 1.1, Lord 1.1, H. Mann 1.1, Groom 0.2, Robbie, 0.1, Rushed 0.3

Melbourne 15.18 d. Richmond 7.15
Goals - Matthews 5, Calverley 3, Jacobs 2, Thiessen 2, Dawson 1, McNabb 1, Rowarth 1
Best - Winter, Matthews, Calverley

Under 19s
Richmond 10.13 d. Melbourne 10.9
Goals - Schultz 5, Stone 2, Harrison 1, Edwards 1, Culley 1
Best - Davis, Schultz, Stewart


Sporting Globe - 31/08/1963
Football Record R18 1963
Herald - 02/09/1963
Age - 02/09/1963

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