Round 17 1900

Round 17, 1900 (Sectional Round 3)
Melbourne vs Collingwood
Saturday 8 September
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 6 points

Goalkickers: Harold Hay 1, Fred McGinis 1, Dick Wardill 1


With Melbourne surprisingly having won two consecutive games in the league's second round after just six of 14 in the first stage they went into the clash against the Pies on neutral territory knowing that they could lose but as long as the margin was kept respectable they'd still qualify. They had to do it without Parkin and Lewis, and were further weakened when McGinis was hurt during the game.

While Collingwood attacked to try and force a significant win, Melbourne defended and deliberately kept the scores low. After the first quarter they spent the majority of the remainder of the game trying to retain possession. Rain and a greasy ball helped their cause.

The defence came into its own in the last quarter when they kept the otherwise dominant Pies scoreless. Despite defeat the margin was not enough for Collingwood to overcome Melbourne's percentage advantage in the sectional round ladder and the Reds progressed to the Semi Final.

Best were Moriarty - who was also reported for striking and suspended for 'the rest of the season' (which turned out to be four matches) - Gardner and Wardill.


Australasian - 15/09/1900
Sportsman - 18/09/1900

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