Round 16 1929

Round 16, 1929
Melbourne vs Footscray
Saturday 17 August
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 13,891

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 41 points

Goalkickers: Richard Taylor 6, ((Jim Abernethy) 1, Jimmy Davidson 1, Col Deane 1, Carlyle Jones 1, Ivor Warne-Smith 1

Last MFC Game
Carlyle Jones

After some early difficulties, Melbourne overcame the Tricolours easily to further press their claim as a top four side with two matches left. It was rumoured that the Footscray players had been offered £2 per head if they won, but they were never close after half time.

Rain and a heavy, muddy ground meant a poor quality game, but when Melbourne came to grips with the conditions they were able to pull away and win comfortably. The ground was more like a swamp than a football field, and it made good football impossible. A more physical Footscray were the better side in the muck and firmly deserved to take a lead into quarter time.

After the second quarter Melbourne settled down and take over, but as they did the Footscray players turned to violence. It didn't stop Melbourne from taking the lead, but it did take a physical toll on the Reds. In the words of The Argus ''every possible infringement of the laws was practised'. Captain Ivor Warne-Smith saw the looming brawl, and the possibility of losing players for the finals to injury or suspension, and directed his players to open up the match so they didn't get dragged into the war. Fans had already tried to attack Footscray players on their way off the ground at half time.

When the sides resumed after half time Footscray had spent all their energy and went on to lose comfortably. It was their lowest ever against Melbourne.

Taylor, Abernethy and Warne-Smith were best. Despite his six goal haul Taylor suffered a leg injury.

George Cassidy was reported for retaliating and suspended for four matches. The player he had retaliated against, Stevens, was suspended for 10 matches on three charges. Two other Footscray players were charged with offences against Col Deane. During the half time interval a Melbourne fan ran onto the ground and struck Footscray player Stevens. He was caught and sentenced to a £5 fine or a month in jail.

Unfortunately for Melbourne their six point lead over fifth place remained in danger as they still had to play hot on their heels St Kilda and unbeaten Collingwood in the last two matches of the season.

Footscray 13.12.90 d. Melbourne 13.10.88


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