Round 15 1970

Round 15, 1970
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 11 July
Venue: Junction Oval
Attendance: 9467

Match Statistics

Fitzroy win by 28 points

Goalkickers: Greg Parke 2, John Townsend 2, Paul Callery 1, Ray Carr 1, George Lakes 1, Rod Payne 1

50 Games
Graham Osborne
Greg Parke

Having snapped their seven game losing streak with a win against North Melbourne a week earlier, the Demons travelled to Fitzroy's new home for the first time since it had been renamed the Junction Oval and seen a return of league football.

A match against the fellow five win strugglers was an ideal chance for John Beckwith and his side to rack up two wins in a row, but the Demons were blown away in the second half and went on to yet another ignominious defeat.

Demon spearheads Ross Dillon and Ray Carr were kept quiet by their opponents, restricted to three and four kicks respectively and as had happened so often there was nobody else to take up the slack. Graham Molloy played a fine game in the centre during the first half, but his fade out in the third quarter was as much a reason for the loss as Dillon and Carr being beaten.

Best were Davis, Payne and Parke. Rowlands (ankle) was replaced by Walker in the last quarter. Sinclair (bruised shoulder) by McKenzie also in the last quarter. Dillon suffered a bruised thigh.

Melbourne 22.11 d. Fitzroy 17.12
Goals - Colcott 9, K. Clarke 5, Burgmann 4, Campbell 2, Biffin 2
Best - Burgmann, Clarke, Colcott

Under 19s
Fitzroy 11.11 d. Melbourne 9.15
Goals - Etheredge 3, Anderson 1, Queay 1, Stephenson 1, Taylor 1, Williamson 1, Woods 1
Best - Tassell, Hill, Etheredge

Age - 13/07/1970
Football Record R16 1970

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