Round 15 1948

Round 15, 1948
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 7 August
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 40,692

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 62 points

Goalkickers: Eddie Craddock 2, Noel McMahen 2, Colin Cox 1, Frank O'Connor 1

50 Games
George Bickford
Len Dockett

Melbourne had broken back into the top four with consecutive victories, but a clash with fellow top four contenders Richmond proved that they still had plenty of work to do if they were going to be involed in September action.

After a sluggish first half Melbourne made a run at Richmond early in the third term, and got to within four points before they collapsed to their worst performance of the year and conceded 10.8 for ther rest of the match while scoring just 1.4 more.

Melbourne were without star defenders Shane McGrath and Col McLean, but it didn't excuse their poor performance. It was the first time any side had scored more than a hundred points against the Demons all season - but it was also Melbourne's lowest score.

Deans, Hanna and Spittle were best. Hanna shattered his collarbone and Hardie broke his shoulder. Cox broke his leg but continued to play because both reserves had already been used, kicking his goal after the injury.

Richmond 10.13 d. Melbourne 8.15

Age - 07/08/1948
Argus - 11/08/1948
Football Record R16 1948

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