Round 14 1929

Round 14, 1929
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 3 August
Venue: Brunswick Street
Attendance: 8,000

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 36 points

Goalkickers: Robert C Johnson 3, Ivor Warne-Smith 3, Jimmy Abernethy 2, Richard Taylor 2, Stan Wittman 1

Only MFC Game
Alec Proudfoot

Melbourne strengthened their chances of finishing in the top four with a comfortable win over the Maroons. The first half was a struggle, but a six goal to one third quarter blew the game wide open.

For the first time in weeks the grounds were dry, but a northerly wind blew across the ground making both high marking and accurate goalkicking difficult. Both sides battled for the conditions, but it was Melbourne who were triumphant. A strong defensive performance by the Reds was once again the key reason for their victory as they held the Maroons out long enough for the forwards to get their act together in the second half.

The cross-wind caused wretched shooting for goal and many kicks to be off-target, and Melbourne missed two easy shots on goal before Wittman finally registered their first major. They got a second soon after only for Fitzroy to boot a late goal and cut the quarter time margin to a goal.

Fitzroy's defensive had kept them in the game in the first quarter, and both backlines held sway in the second as the two sides only managed a goal apiece. Melbourne entered the second half with Wittman so injured he was almost useless but still took control of the game quickly - three goals early in the quarter gave them a lead, and they ended up putting on 6.3 to 1.4.

Despite Wittman retiring from the contest late in the day Melbourne were untroubled in the last, running out easy six goal winners. Best was Corbett, Abernethy and Warne-Smith.

Fitzroy 11.19.85 d. Melbourne 11.9.75
Goals - Frood 4, Kennedy 3, Long 1, More 1, Hams 1, Comber 1
Best - Long, Moodie, Comber

Sporting Globe gives the crowd as 6000.

Herald - 02/08/1929
Sporting Globe - 03/08/1929
Argus - 05/08/1929
Age - 05/08/1929
Football Record R15 1929

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