Round 13 2006

Round 13, 2006
Melbourne vs Port Adelaide
Saturday 1 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 24,283

Port Adelaide3.36.59.512.10.82
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 38 points

Goalkickers: David Neitz 5, Russell Robertson 3, Aaron Davey 2, Brad Green 2, Brock McLean 2, Adem Yze 2, Colin Sylvia 1, Jeff White 1

Brownlow votes:
3 - Cameron Bruce
2 - David Neitz

Coaches votes:
10 - Cameron Bruce
6 - David Neitz
4 - Jeff White
3 - Travis Johnstone

50 games
Jared Rivers

The two sides were evenly matched in the first half, with the Demons taking a one goal lead into the third quarter. It was there that they kicked 6 goals to 3 to win the game.

Melbourne kicked 10 of the last 12 goals, and Neale Daniher was understandably happy. He said "They're a very, very good team to coach at the moment, they've very self-driven, they're leading the way."

Cameron Bruce was one of the Demons best, starting in defence on Chad Cornes before moving into the midfield to rack up 29 touches.

Age - 01/07/2006

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