Round 13 1965

Round 13, 1965
North Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 24 July
Venue: Coburg Oval
Attendance: 8,312

North Melbourne3.34.89.1211.15.81
Match Statistics

North Melbourne win by 21 points

Goalkickers: Bryan Kenneally 2, John Townsend 2, Barrie Vagg 2, Ken Emselle 1, Graeme Jacobs 1, John Lord 1

Only game at Coburg Oval

Melbourne's only game at North's temporary home for 1965, was played out against the backdrop of the sensational sacking of Norm Smith the previous day.

Image North were equal bottom of the ladder, only spared the last spot by percentage after racking up a record of 2-10 in their first twelve matches of the season.

The Melbourne committee must have thought a clash against bottom of the ladder easybeats was the perfect opportunity to get the side back into form but they didn't factor in the upheaval that Smith's shock sacking would cause amongst the playing group or the terrible condition the Coburg ground would be in after heavy rain.

Checker Hughes, for so long Smith's right hand man, had been called out of retirement to take control of the team, but his new charges looked lost in the wet and muddy conditions during the first quarter. Sensing their opponents weakness, North carved Melbourne up with superior teamwork and ball handling in the terrible conditions.

It took the Shinboners until the third quarter to establish a match winning lead, but they were clearly the better side all day. North hadn't won a game at their new home all year, and hadn't beaten the Demons for eleven years. Smith was reinstated before the next match.

Best were Dixon, Townsend and Vearing. Alves replaced Davis (bruised neck) in the third quarter and Bromell replaced Mann (foot) in the last quarter.

North Melbourne 10.7.67 d. Melbourne 4.10.34
Goals - Minton-Connell 1, Andrew 1, T. Leahy 1, Robbie 1
Best - Robbie, Stone, Quirk

Under 19s
North Melbourne 6.15 defeated Melbourne 7.7
Goasl - Osborne 3, Collins 1, Saddington 1, Johnson 1, Jungwirth 1
Best - Stewart, Nash, Collins

Age - 23/07/1965
Age - 24/07/1965
Football Record R14 1965
Age - 26/07/1965

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