Round 13 1956

Round 13, 1956
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 14 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 46,022

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 15 points

Goalkickers: Stuart Spencer 5, Ian Ridley 4, Peter Marquis 3, Robert B Johnson 2


The 18th and last win of the club's longest ever streak of victories - dating back to Round 15, 1955 - was not entirely comfortable but after the first few minutes the Demon defenders and rovers managed to keep Carlton at arm's length through the day and do enough to stay unbeaten. Carlton's rucks were dominant, but their small men were unable to capitalise.

The Blues were in a battle for fourth, and in conditions that were not conducive to quality football the two teams played out a surprisingly good match. Melbourne got the first break of the match in the third quarter, extending the margin to 34 points, before Carlton struck back. In the last few minutes of the third and the first 10 minutes of the fourth they kicked six goals to one to reduce the gap to three.

With the momentum Carlton looked like they were going to snap Melbourne's losing streak, but the Demons dug in and steadied. In stark contrast to the third term they kept the visitors scoreless in the last 15 minutes of the game, before finally breaking through for two goals to remain unbeaten.

It was still the highest score kicked against Melbourne in almost a year, and the victory had come despite full-forward Athol Webb being completely blanketed. The rovers and resting ruckmen contributed all 14 goals.

The victory left the Demons three wins and percentage clear of second placed Geelong.

Best were Spencer, Ridley and Marquis. Dixon (shoulder) was replaced by Laidlaw at three quarter time. Ridley also suffered a bruised thigh. Baritone singer with the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera company gave a prize for his best player, two tickets to 'The Gondeliers', to Ken Melville.

Norm Smith said "we have 18 good players, but only some of them did well in this game. Some of the others came into the play occasionally, doing the right thing, and that helped us to win. Carlton was fighting for survival, and with the position become desperate it fought tigerishy for the win. It was a terrific battle, full of fire, with the rival defenders hard pressed. Melbourne's direct style again paid dividends. In the sloppy conditions I thought the game was of high standard."


Melbourne 15.18 d. Carlton 9.9

Carlton 9.10 d. Melbourne 5.11

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