Round 11 1987

Round 11, 1987
Melbourne vs Carlton
Monday 8 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 49,812

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 45 points

Goalkickers: Greg Healy 4, Peter Moore 3, Brian Wilson 3, Robert Flower 1, Ricky Jackson 1, Jim Stynes 1

Brownlow Votes:

50 Games
Greg Healy

Despite regaining two Brownlow Medal winners and a legend in Brian Wilson, Peter Moore and Robert Flower Melbourne were no match for the top side in the competition. Nine straight goals to four across the first quarter, and part of the second, put the Blues well on the road to victory at the MCG. Even a 37-17 free kick count in their favour couldn't help Melbourne on this day at the MCG.

From there on the Blues were in second gear, and no matter what the Demons did they couldn't close the gap. They kicked the first goal of every quarter but couldn't build on that and get near their opponents.

David Rhys-Jones was reported for striking Robert Flower but expressed amazement when Flower refused to shake hands with him at the end of the match. He was also reported for striking Peter Giles. He was outed for two weeks on each of the striking charges. It was found that as Flower backed into him to shepherd for a teammate Rhys-Jones struck him in the head. Asked to explain a conversation after the incident, the Carlton man said he had told Flower “he was weak”, and that the Melbourne man had replied “I’ll keep taking the free kicks”.

Best were Brian Wilson (30 touches), Healy and Yeats. Alan Johnson injured his hamstring.


Carlton 19.18.132 d. Melbourne 19.17.131
Goals - Normington 4, G. Lovett 3, Eishold 3, Sparks 2, Icke 1, B. Lovett 1, Sizer 1, Evans 1, Aitken 1, Lamb 1, Kiley 1
Best - Eishold, Normington, Aitken

Under 19s
Melbourne 18.22.130 d. Carlton 14.11.95
Goals - Newton 3, Gazeas 3, Graham 2, Aitken 2, Healy 2, Robinson 2, Pritchard 1, Theoharis 1, McGaw 1, Febey 1
Best - Aitken, Cartledge, Gazeas

Age - 09/06/1987
Age - 09/06/1987
Age - 10/06/1987
Age - 11/06/1987
Football Record R12 1987

Blueseum match report

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