Round 11 1964

Round 11, 1964
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 4 July
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 10,490

South Melbourne1.26.87.1012.11.83
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 46 points

Goalkickers: Graeme Jacobs 5, John Townsend 3, Owen Zinko 3, Barrie Vagg 2, Ron Barassi 1, Ken Emselle 1, Tassie Johnson 1, Bryan Kenneally 1, Brian Leahy 1

Last game
Owen Zinko

After a thumping win over Richmond, the Demons went in as overwhelming favourites against lowly South, but though the home side was vastly outmatched they restricted the damage to 46 points, carried by a purple patch in the second quarter that left them seven points ahead at the half. Melbourne sparked after the break, kicking eight goals to one in the third quarter. That killed the game, and though the home side narrowly won the last quarter they were unable to overcome a 52 point deficit.

One of South’s best players was rover Herbie Matthews, in his first start since changing clubs. He was the last Melbourne player to join another club during the season since 1950, and would be the last until 1972. South’s ruck/roving division was the only part of their side firing on all cylinders, but they were ably matched at ground level by small man John Townsend, and the inspirational Ron Barassi, who was responsible for a number of Graeme Jacobs’ five goals.

The vastly outmatched South were no match for Melbourne other than a purple patch in the second quarter which saw them go to half time seven points in front.

Eight goals to one in the third quarter put South away, and despite the home side winning the last quarter they were already well beaten.

Best were Jacobs, Barassi and Crompton. Barassi (cut eye) was replaced by McLean and Townsend by Emselle, both in the last quarter

Melbourne 18.10 d. South Melbourne 5.10
Goals - Lynch 3, Carroll 3, Vearing 3, Reinholdt 3, Robbie 2, Andrew 1, Lord 1, Slade 1, Leitch 1
Best - Lynch, Rowe, Davis

Under 19s
Melbourne 15.23 d. South Melbourne 8.3
Goals - Schultz 6, McNabb 3, Marr 2, Pritchard 1, Russell 1, Stone 1, Jones 1
Best - Russell, Schultz, Feldman

Age - 06/07/1964
Football Record R12 1964

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