Round 11 1935

Round 11, 1935
Melbourne vs South Melbourne
Saturday 6 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 19,086

South Melbourne1.76.812.1118.14.122
Match Statistics

South Melbourne win by 44 points

Goalkickers: Percy Beames 3, Maurie Gibb 3, Jack Bennett 1, Les Jones 1, Sid Meehl 1, Bert Taylor 1, Ray Wartman 1

Last MFC Game
Len Smith

Melbourne's disappointing season continued with a poor last three quarters against the visiting Swans, leaving them 4-7 and 2.5 games plus percentage away from the top four.

Given that they were playing the league leaders, Melbourne's performance was not without some merit but honourable losses weren't good enough with their hopes of September action hanging on by a thread.

Best was La Fontaine. Ball was the 19th man. Len Smith was hospitalised after suffering a fractured ribs and possible bruised kidney. He never played for the club again.

Melbourne 14.5 drew with South Melbourne 12.17
Goals - Baggott 8, Unknown 6

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