Round 11 1904

Round 11, 1904
Melbourne vs Essendon
Saturday 16 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Essendon win by 5 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 2, Frank Langley 1


On a heavy ground with a greasy ball that was almost impossible to pick up the sides were close to each other all day, but in a match where skill was replaced with vigorous bumping Essendon came out on top.

The visitors had an advantage kicking with the wind in the first quarter when it was stronger than at any other time during the match. They barely made use of it with one goal from seven scoring shots, but managed to restrict Melbourne to two goals in the second and a late goal gave them a lead of four points at half time.

Essendon extended their lead going into the last quarter and throughout the last term Melbourne chipped away at them point by point but couldn't find the goal they needed to take the lead.

Best were Langley, Young and Purse. Coutie suffered a leg injury.

Argus - 18/07/1904

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