Round 10 1976

Round 10, 1976
Geelong vs Melbourne
Saturday 5 June
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 27,469

Match Statistics

Geelong win by 29 points

Goalkickers: Ray Biffin 6, Barry Tippett 2, Ross Brewer 1, Shane Grambeau 1, Gary Guy 1, Gary Hardeman 1, Craig McKellar 1

Last Game
Glenn Walley

First Goal
Barry Tippett (2nd game)

Geelong jumped to second on the ladder thanks to eight straight goals, and even though Melbourne got within eight points in the last quarter they couldn't sustain the effort and win.

Despite the result it was still the highest score Melbourne had ever managed at Waverley to that point. Bob Skilton still wasn't happy, fuming "we had our chances but we fluffed it. We dropped our bundle".

Best were Biffin, Sullivan and Wells. Osborne (flu) was replaced in the selected side by Grambeau. Brewer (bruised leg) was replaced by Hutchison and Walley by Guy in the last quarter.

Melbourne 20.13.133 d. Geelong 11.16.82
Goals - Walters 5, Giampaolo 4, T. Flower 3, Carroll 2, Withers 2, Zubin 2, Graham 1, Johnston 1
Best - Woodman, Carroll, Giampaolo

Under 19s
Geelong 16.11 d. Melbourne 14.12
Goals - Santagarda 4, McKaige 3, Fraser 2, Quine 2, Bardoel 1, Deans 1, Mackay 1
Best - Geddes, Deans, Giuleri

Age - 07/06/1976
Football Record R11 1976

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