Round 10 1956

Round 10, 1956
Melbourne vs South Melbourne
Saturday 23 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 36,361

South Melbourne2.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 23 points

Goalkickers: Frank Adams 3, Denis Cordner 2, Robert B Johnson 2, Ian Ridley 2, Tony Bull 1, Peter Marquis 1, Athol Webb 1


In the second half of a split round to coincide with the interstate carnival the Demons extended their club record unbeaten streak to 16 matches with a relatively comfortable win over the Swans.

South played determined football and were put away by a six goals run in the second quarter. The visitors won the second half and never gave in, but the 1956 Melbourne juggernaut continued as they further firmed as the hottest premiership favourites in living memory. It equalled their best ever start to a season, set the previous year.

Best were Beckwith, Williams and McMahen. McGivern (back) was replaced by Sandral and Dixon (shoulder) by Gleeson.

Seconds (played Saturday 16 June)
South Melbourne 13.11 d. Melbourne 9.14
Goals - Kerr 3, Adams 2, Cook 1, Crameri 1, Gleeson 1, Mountain 1
Best - Adams, Lay, Gleeson

South Melbourne 7.19 d. Melbourne 3.10

Argus - 20/06/1956
Argus - 23/06/1956
Age - 25/06/1956
Football Record R11 1956

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