Round 1 1900

Round 1, 1900
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Saturday 5 May
Venue: Junction Oval
Attendance: Unknown

St. Kilda6.26.29.710.8.68
Match Statistics

St. Kilda win (on protest) by 1 point

Goalkickers: Vic Cumberland 2, Dick Pirrie 2, Tommy Ryan 2, Frank Langley 1, Fred McGinis 1, Arthur Sowden 1

First Game
Ernie Adams
Bill Bowe
Frank Langley (and first goal)
Bryan McGuigan

First MFC Game
Corrie Gardner
Jack Purse

Last MFC game
Harold Rippon

Boosted by a number of recruits from junior premier Collegians, St Kilda finally avoided defeat for the first time in 49 games when they seemingly held Melbourne to a draw. Over a week the home side was handed their first VFL victory on protest. It was decided that the umpire had not signalled the end of the third quarter correctly, and that the bell had gone before a mark to Wardill that ended in a point. Melbourne's delegate sportingly agreed with their version of events but a counter claim that the behind had already been removed from the scores failed and they became the first to lose to the VFL's easybeats.

Melbourne had tempted fate, leaving Leith and Lewis out of the side to allow two juniors a run and kicking into the breeze they were obliterated in the first quarter, going into the break six goals down. With their chance to use the breeze, the visitors copied St Kilda's tactics. They kicked three quick goals and held the Seasiders scoreless, but it took until late in the quarter for a Cumberland goal to give his side the lead.

The wind dropped after half time but St Kilda carried on like they had the same end in the opening term, with only strong defence by Melbourne's backline keeping them in the game. The margin at the bell was eight points in favour of the home side, before Wardill's infamous point reduced it to seven. The Redlegs kicked two of the three last quarter goals to seemingly tie the scores before losing the match on appeal. St Kilda went on to lost their remaining 16 games of the season, not winning again until Round 12, 1901.

Best were McGinis, Cumberland and Moodie.

Some sources show Les Rippon playing instead of Harold Rippon.This is incorrect.

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