Rod Ferguson

Image DOB: Unknown

From: Euroa

Number: 36 (1958 list)

Games: 0
Goals: 0

After trialing at Carlton in the 1957 pre-season, the centre-half forward appeared in Melbourne's 1958 practice matches. He impressed, but did not play any senior games.

Ferguson appeared in the first Seconds game of the year before being forced to return home when drought conditions hit his family farm. He had already missed the opening practice games after cutting his leg while shearing sheep.
He later returned and played seconds again but suffered a setback after severely spraining his ankle in his comeback game.

He travelled from Euroa to play each week. Ferguson returned through the seconds and was considered a strong chance to debut in Round 12 but was not selected.

Called Don Ferguson in some sources. Not be to confused with director Don Ferguson.

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