Ray Manley

Image DOB: Unknown
Died: April 2022

Life Member - 1987

Football club secretary/Manager from 1977 to July 1980, and 1985 to 1986. Manley worked in a number of other football department roles in-between.

A former Kybram player who later served as Secretary of the Goulburn Valley League, Manley replaced Ivan Moore as Manager when Moore returned to Hawthorn. His first season in the job was ruined by a serious illness that left him in hospital for two months.

In 1982 Manley was ordered to face the VFL board on charges of abusing a field umpire in the rooms after the Round 21 game against Hawthorn. The club were fined $300.

Manley served as Football Manger in 1987 until resigning in July.

Returned to the club as a member of the selection committee that appointed Neil Balme for the 1993 season.


Age - 26/08/1982
Canberra Times - 09/09/1982
Age - 09/09/1990
Age - 13/09/1992
Demonland - 29/04/2022

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