Merv Mitchell

Image DOB: Unknown

From: Railway/North Launceston

Games: 0
Goals: 0

1950 recruit who signed at the same time as Noel Clarke. In August that year he'd been banned for 10 months for striking, and before signing with Melbourne floated the idea of taking the league to court. A former state player, Mitchell kicked 14 goals in a 1949 game.

He was ready to cross to Victoria when he suffered a broken pelvis in a road accident that kept him out for all 1951. He returned the next year with North Launceston.

Debuted in Tasmania as a 17-year-old in 1944, and joined North Launceston the next year when the Northern Tasmanian League was reformed. He'd first signed with Essendon in 1947, and had been refused a clearance to Devonport in 1949, where he'd been offered a playing/coach role.

In 1954 and 1955 he captain/coached Cressy.

May be the same person as Bruce Mitchell, and may have signed earlier.

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