May 1875 Match vs Geelong

Monday 17 May - Argyle Ground

Geelong 0
Melbourne 3 (half time 0-1)

Goalkickers: Marshall, Dowling, Austin Loughnan

Melbourne win by 3 goals

On the Whit Monday partial public holiday the visitors went in with a stronger team, with the locals more athletic and agile - but it was quickly established that Melbourne were a better side.

With no wind to play a part Melbourne were wasteful with their first chances of the game. Cumming and Loughnan missed chances before Marshall kicked the first goal after 15 minutes. The game was expected to be a tight one but Melbourne were clearly the better side.

Geelong played better after they conceded the first goal, but couldn't break through for an equaliser before half time. Their captain had to leave the game injured at half time and after defending strongly for an hour before conceding the second goal Loughnan soon sealed the game with a third.

Best were James Bennie, John Bennie and Andrew Loughnan. Houston suffered a compound fracture of the arm.

Selected side
Barker, Bennie, Bennie, Booth, Cullen, Cumming, Dowling, Freeman, Hammill, Houston, Kneen, Loughnan, Loughnan, Longden, Marshall, B. Smiff, Trickett, Williams, Wheatland, J. Wright.

"B. Smiff" is not shown in any other sources to have played for Melbourne during the year.

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