June 1907 Exhibition Match vs North-West Coast

Thursday 6 June - Latrobe Recreation Ground

Melbourne 5.6, 11.12, 16.16, 23.21.159
North-West Coast 0.0, 0.2, 3.3, 3.4.22

Melbourne win by 137 points

Goalkickers: Coutie 8, Anderson 3, Symonds 2, Gardiner 2, Davern 2, Johnstone 2, Pearce 2, Mills 1, Onyons 1

The local representative side were without eight of the men initially picked, and as such were no match for their Victorian opposition. Melbourne were far heavier and used their weight advantage to crush their opponents. By quarter time they were 36-0 in front.

For a short period of time in the second quarter the locals held their own but could only manage behinds, and when they ran out of steam Melbourne piled on another six goals to extend the lead to 70 points.

Two more goals early in the third quarter sent the margin steaming towards triple figures but the locals finally managed to kick a goal. They got all three of their majors for the game in the quarter but conceded five and another seven to nil in the final term as the margin blew out to 137 points.

B: Mills, Pearce, Monk
HB: Hayman, Parke, Hunt
C: Homan, Purse, Rigby
HF: Onyons, Coutie, Davern
F: Anderson, Symonds, Hammond
Foll: Nolan, Johnston, Gardiner

Some sources have the score as 157-22

North West Post - 06/06/1907
North West Post - 07/06/1907
Tasmanian News - 07/06/1907

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