June 1880 match vs South Melbourne

Saturday 12 June - MCG
Crowd: 6000

Melbourne 0.15
South Melbourne 1.3 (half time 0.5-1.3)

South Melbourne win by 1 goal

Much interest was taken in the battle between the two clubs, and the ground was surrounded with spectators when the game started. The ground didn't match the expectations of the match, wet and difficult to play on. South scored first with a minor, but the home side responded not long after.

For some time Melbourne had the advantage, and they pressed at the South goal but were unable to kick a major. South got the first after some rapid play where the ball switched ends a number of times and it would turn out to be the only goal of the match. The home side would have 16 shots to four, and hemmed South in for most of the second half, but were unable to capitalise.

The tough South side raised tensions with their rough play and continual arguing with the umpire. When Melbourne's Watson clashed with South's Thomas it caused fans to invade the field. Thomas had struck him after Watson had made an offensive remark. Watson had to be talked out of continuing the fight at the end of the game, then requested the police arrest Thomas but they declined. South's players then challenged Melbourne's to a brawl as the ground invasion began.

Longden, Watson and Lamrock were best.

Argus - 14/06/1880
Australasian - 19/06/1880

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