June 1879 match vs Geelong

Satuday 28 June - Corio Oval
Crowd: 3000

Geelong 2.19
Melbourne 0.6 (half time 2.15-0.0)

Geelong win by 2 goals

Still without a win against a senior side since the opening day of the season, Melbourne travelled to Geelong by train and suffered yet another defeat.

With showers falling and the ground slippery, it made quality football almost impossible and with the home ground advantage Geelong started warm favourites. With the use of a strong breeze Geelong dominated for the first hour, registering four behinds in the opening minutes before finally opening the scoring late in the first half, taking advantage of Melbourne's tendency to try and carry the ball through opponents to add another before half time.

With more heavy rain falling the visitors lifted in the second half, scoring three behinds and hitting the post early on. They stopped Geelong from scoring again, but they couldn't score any majors themselves and when heavy rain began falling it condemned them to defeat. Captain Bob Sillett led from the front and had the ball between the posts but it struck the post on the way through and didn't count. They managed five behinds to three for the second half.

Geelong rallied again, but Melbourne's defence was led well by Snowden and they weren't allowed another goal. The match came to an end in near darkness across the last 10 minutes, and Melbourne's winless streak went on.

Best were Sillett, Lamrock and Waldron.

Selected team
C. Baker, F. Baker, J. Booth, W. Boys, JV Cook, Crohan, Lamrock, E. Longden, W. Longden, Macdonald, Mackenzie, Murray, Oakley, Power, Sillett, Simson, Snowden, Surjer, Upton, Waldron. Lempriere and T. Fairbairn (emergencies).

Some sources have Geelong's score as 2.18

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Australasian - 05/07/1879

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