June 1876 Match vs Carlton

Saturday 10 June - Royal Park
Crowd: 10,500

Carlton 3
Melbourne 0

Carlton win by three goals

The two top sides of 1875 went to battle, but it was the premiers who came out on top again in front of a huge crowd. The big audience meant that despite police meant to control the crowd the players only had a 50yd lane to play in, and Melbourne got to half-time with the scores level.

Charles Carr had Melbourne's best opportunity in the first half but his shot for goal was marked on the line. They attacked first in the second half but only managed a behind and Carlton soon opened the scoring.

Going behind spurred Melbourne and they attacked furiously again, with McDonald almost kicking a goal from 60 yards out but their attacking sapped their reserves of energy and Carlton took over to add two more goals before the close of play.

Longden was Melbourne's best.

Australasian - 17/06/1876

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