June 1870 match vs Albert Park

Saturday 4 June - Albert Park
Crowd: 1200 to 1500

Albert Park 1
Melbourne 0

Match drawn

Albert Park had become the first team to take possession of the new "Challenge Cup" by beating South Yarra on the season's opening day - and Melbourne became the first side with a chance to take it from them a week later. Rainy weather caused the cancellation of other games around the city, but with a big crowd in attendance the match at Albert Park went on.

Having been forced to wait for the local until after the agreed starting time captain Henry Harrison then lost the toss and had to kick into the wind. While defending into the wind the ball was generally kept near Melbourne's goal, and after missing one golden opportunity the home side finally opened the scoring. The teams didn't change ends at the goal as it had been agreed that both sides would have an hour with the wind.

It was then discovered that Albert Park had been playing with 21 men. Melbourne disputed the goal but because there was no evidence to show that the extra man had contributed the match was restarted after 10 minutes of discussion. Melbourne failed to score an equalising goal, but the controversy over the extra player meant the result was later changed to be considered a draw.

Best were Harrison, Byrne and Towle.

Some sources show the score as nil-all

Argus - 06/06/1870
Argus - 06/08/1870
Australasian - 11/06/1870

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